What is triathlon?
Triathlon is a multi-sport race, which includes swimming, biking and running.  The sport represents a fun and exciting way for kids to stay active.  Want more detailed information?  Check out the USAT Youth Triathlon Guide. 

How long are the race course distances for kids?
The Zoo Town Kids Tri has two different courses, a long course for older, more seasoned athletes and a short course for our newest competitors.

Short Course: 50 Yard Swim, 1 Mile Bike, ½ Mile Run
Long Course: 100 Yard Swim, 2 Mile Bike, 1 Mile Run

What is a wave start?
The athletes will be released from the starting gate in waves.  There will be 5 minutes between each wave of racers.  This structure will limit the number of athletes on the course at one time and help ensure the safety of all participants.

Are the races timed?
Yes!  Each athlete will be timed.

Can you describe a typical race day experience?
On race day you will show up to the race venue at least 30 minutes before start time and get checked in.  You will be provided with your race packet which includes your number, t-shirt and other goodies!

Next you will need to take your bike and get your transition area set up.  You should wear your swim gear, as you will start your race in the pool.  After completing the swim portion of the race you will be directed to the transition area where you will change into your socks, shoes, helmet and other gear before setting off onto the cycling course.  You will finish the bike race and drop your wheels off in the bike drop area.  Course officials will be there to help direct you to run course.

This will be the final leg of your adventure, so beat feet to the finish line!  Let the cheers of your family and friends fuel you across the finish.  Now it’s time to celebrate your accomplishment.  Take time to grab some refreshments and socialize with the other athletes.  Building friendships and supporting others is part of the fun.  Before you leave, don’t forget to retrieve your bike and gear from the bike drop/transition areas.



Do I need to get into the water with my child?
Parents will NOT be allowed in the water with their child.  Life guards will present and there will be other race volunteers in the water to ensure the safety of athletes during their swim.

What should my child wear for the Swim portion of the race?
Proper swimwear must be worn in the pool.  Goggles and swim caps are encouraged.  No fins, paddles, shoes or gloves are allowed.

Can my child use his/her own flotation device?
Personal flotation devices will be allowed for those athletes who choose to use them, but they will NOT be provided.  Athletes must bring their own PFD if they want to exercise that option.



What type of bike can my child use?
Athletes may ride any two-wheeled bicycle of their choosing.  All bicycles must pass a basic safety inspection before being allowed on the course.  All brakes must be properly functioning.  You can take your bicycle to a local bike shop, such as Big Sky Bikes, for a free inspection before the race to ensure all standards are met.

Are helmets required?
Participants must have a helmet on before leaving the transition area on their bike.  The helmet must be worn the entire length of the bike portion of the race.

What kind of shoes can be worn?
Only closed toed shoes are allowed during the bike portion of the race.  No sandals of any kind will be permitted.  Shoes must be worn at all times during the bike portion of the race.



What type of shoes should my child wear?
Only closed toed shoes are allowed during the run portion of the race.  No sandals of any kind will be permitted.  Shoes must be worn at all times during the run portion of the race.



What is the Transition area?
This is the designated area where athletes set up their bike and any clothing or gear they wish to use during the bike and run portions of the race.

Who is allowed in the Transition area?
Parents are allowed in the transition area before the race to help get set up.  After start time, however, only participating athletes will be allowed in the transition area.

What items should be set up in the Transition area?
The child’s bike, helmet, water bottle, transition towel, race number, socks, shoes and a hat or visor will be places here.  Each child will have a designated space in the transition area for their things.  This transition space must be set up and ready to go before start time.

What is the Bike Drop area?
The Bike Drop Area is the space where athletes quickly drop off their bikes before setting out for the run portion of the race.  This area will have an attendant to watch over the bicycles until they are retrieved after the completion of the race.



What kind of equipment does my child need to participate?
A swim suit is required.  Goggles, swim cap and personal flotation devices are purely optional.  Each child needs to bring their own bike and bike helmet.  Every participant must have closed toed shoes for the bike and run portion of the race.  A water bottle is recommended but not required.

What clothing should my child wear?
Comfortable clothing should be worn.  This can include shorts and a t-shirt that can easily be slipped over swimwear.  The race number will need to be attached either to child’s clothing or to a race belt.



How do I register for the Zoo Town Kids Triathlon?
Registration is easy!  Just click on the “Register Now” button on the Race Details page.  It will take you directly to the race registration page. Fill out the online forms provided and complete the secure payment of your race fee.

Please note that in order for your child to participate in this USA Triathlon Sanctioned Event, they must also be registered as a member of the USAT.  A link on the main event page has been provided to take you directly to the USAT website to complete this simple registration. This MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE EVENT!!!

What if we can’t attend the race we registered for?
NO REFUNDS will be provided if you are unable to attend the event.

What is a Race Kit?
Your Race Kit is a packet that will be provide to you upon check-in on the day of the event. The Race Kit includes your number, t-shirt and other goodies!



What happens if it rains during the event?
The event will be held regardless of rain.  If it looks like rain, you might want to include a light rain jacket along with the other gear in your transition area.  Lightning poses a much larger safety risk and will cause the event to be cancelled.  NO REFUNDS will be given if the event is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions.